Tent of Hope

When Jesus died at Calvary,

With his body torn and broke,

He died so we all could live,

Through death he gave us hope.


And when Christ ascended,

The Holy Spirit came,

That spirit is alive today,

For us it’s never changed.


You will find it in the churches,

Touching mind and soul,

But down there at Strathpine,

It played another role.


For there the spirit spoke to us,

Through Doug and his great team,

Bringing hope and glory,

Where failure once had been.


And the music it surprised us,

From the band inside the tent,

Leaving us all spirit filled,

And glad it’s where we went.


That’s why we say thank you Lord,

For the spirit in which we soak,

And we also say thank you,

For the Tent of Hope.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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