Sunset Tears

One evening when out walking,

Just as dusk drew near,

The scene was one of sadness,

I called it “Sunset Tears”.


On a bench forlorn and lonely,

I heard a young lass cry,

To her I posed this question,

It was there, I asked her “Why?”.


“The usual”, she said to me,

“I am, of course, engaged.”

“You should be happy”, I replied,

As if the scene was staged.


“Do you worship in a church?”,

“There’s no need to be alone.”,

“Where are your Mum and Dad?”,

“Or don’t you live at home?”.


It was then I called on heaven,

A request to God I made,

To be there in her presence,

I asked this as I prayed.


I was reminded then of Jesus,

When death for Him was near,

Like this lass in passing,

There were the “Sunset Tears”.


So! Always remember,

When in doubt and fear,

Through Christ there is a rainbow,

Beyond those “Sunset Tears”.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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