Prunus Bloom

The glorious sun in the east does rise,

To illuminate the day,

It lightens up the path we tread,

As it guides us on life’s way.


It lifts us up when we are down,

When cold it makes us warm,

It lightens up our very life,

Whence we are fraught with storm.


The colours that we see in spring,

Are proof of what is done,

We thank the Lord for all we have,

Especially for the sun.


For the sun’s gold rays caressed it leaves,

From there a little bud,

Then for all the world to see,

A gift from God above.


And if by chance you are unwell,

Your life is fraught with gloom,

It won’t take long to smile again,

When you see the Prunus bloom.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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