Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

Dear Lord and Father, creator of all things,

We give you our Thanks and Praise as we sing,

With joy in our hearts, we acknowledge your Love

Abundantly provided, though we return it in part.


We take this time to thank you anew

For enabling your Spirit to guide us through.

Our Journey of growth as we walk toward you

Living our lives in ways that honour you.


For the Beauty at Sunrise, we praise you anew,

The Sunsets astound the photographers view.

The multitude of stars sparkling at night

Provides guidance and beauty and was created just right


We have homes, we have cars, we have toys and at night

We sleep in a soft bed, with our bellies well fed.

We are blessed each day by your gifts to us all,

We have all that we need and still you give more.


We have talents and gifts and passions that lead

Us into a place, where you can help us succeed

In reflecting your love, and showing we care

You provide nurturing love and guidance that’s rare


We finish by thanking you one more time

For all you provide, and all your great care.

The Saving Grace of our Lord Jesus,

Our Help and our Hope in times of despair.


In Jesus Name Amen


by Triscia Riding
Reprinted by permission.

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