Our Worship Space


Our worship space has a raised stage area at the front where the communion table, the baptism font, and the bible stand and a lectern are placed, and is primarily used by the people leading worship. There is a music section in one of the front corners where a piano and a set of drums reside.

The front of the worship space also has the ability to hang banners, and a number of different banners are used during the year.

The worship space contains a small cosy enclosed visible area at the back for toddlers and small children.

Worship services use computerised screens for words used in the service. This is facilitated by a communications desk down the back with the computing and controlling equipment, and a set of three screens, two facing the back (one at the front and one halfway to the back), and a third facing the stage (used by worship leaders).

Seating is a set of comfortable cloth covered chairs on a carpeted floor. Additional seating is available if required. This enables reconfiguration of the worship space. On occasions we use a set of tables with the chairs around them in this space.

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