Our Chaplains

Our chaplains are resplendent,

With the supportive role they play,

By defusing situations,

Through what they do and play.


To us they are a great resource,

Resolute and proud,

There for all the world to see,

Not hidden by a shroud.


Our chaplains are people,

Filled with great resolve,

Never overbearing,

With problems that they solve.


Quiet and unassuming,

They exercise restraint,

When handling situations,

Caused by a complaint.


So let us stand together,

With rules pure and chaste,

Ensuring good is good and bad is bad,

Through our chaplains there in place.


For an ill wind is blowing,

To have our chaplains displaced,

Removing them from their surrounds,

Would be a great disgrace.


So let our chaplains all remain,

Let our chaplains do their job,

By following the likes of Jenny Dobbin,

And the path that she has trod.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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