Jesus My Valentine

God gave to us a birthday,

We celebrate each year,

He gave us one at Christmas,

For our Saviour, Lord and peer.


Then He gave us Easter,

In memory of Christ,

So we would all remember,

On the cross He gave us life.


From all this, there came a card,

To bring a wish to all,

A card for all occasions,

Through it the Spirit calls.


But in the middle of it all,

We find another sign,

A card we send to loved ones,

This time a Valentine.


Now as you focus on this day,

Just think, what caused its rise,

Was it done to irk someone,

Or give a beaut surprise.


Well whatever be your motive,

Jesus will never ask you why,

His love is waiting always,

It’s there in great supply.


That is why He is a friend,

Waiting in the line,

Waiting for that special call,

To be your Valentine.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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