Jesus In My Heart

My life it passed so quickly,

All around my friends had dropped,

I realised then how short life was,

For mine had almost stopped.


Yes! I had wandered on life’s way,

Not sharing what I got,

Until I realised what a waste,

I had not achieved a lot.


I thought I lived a useful life,

‘Til I could work no more,

Then I found God’s treasure trove,

And what he had in store.


I learnt about our Saviour, Christ,

The Spirit and much more,

What a difference God had made,

To the life I’d lived before.


I learnt from God that I must give,

To care for young and old,

To stand up for our Saviour, Christ,

To speak up and be bold.


He taught me how to kneel and pray,

As a Christian where to start,

And how to live a life for Him,

With Jesus in my heart.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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