The Company That We Keep

I was listening to a prisoner,

With a conversation deep,

I suppose that we are known,

By the company that we keep.


Then he said! With honesty and character,

You think your life’s complete,

Until suddenly you realise,

There’s the company that you keep.


For Satan’s hand is on us,

A foe we must defeat,

So folk out there can surely see,

It’s God’s love that we seek.


Yes! You may have all the answers,

To soothe the souls that weep,

But! Are you the kind of person,

We all would love to meet?


Dear friends don’t waste a moment,

Don’t jeer at God’s lost sheep,

Show them love and kindness,

As eternal life they seek.


Yes! He may have been dishonest,

A liar and a cheat,

But now he is known,

By the company that he keeps.


Now! When our world has fallen,

Our saviour, Christ we seek,

It’s then we will be known,

By the company that we keep.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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