Back in Nineteen Thirty,

At St. Barnabas on Broadway,

Arthur Stace saw six men,

Then inquired, “Who are they?”.


“I reckon they are Christians”, came this reply to him,

Then with the message over, Arthur moved away,

Across the road to Victoria Park,

Where he knelt and prayed.


There God reached out and touched him,

For all the world to see,

A word that was his masterpiece,

The word – Eternity.


From Pyrmont in Sydney,

Out to Campbelltown,

From Newcastle to Wollongong,

Eternity could be found.


For God motivated Arthur Stace,

Even throughout the night,

Half a million times, this word,

He wrote throughout his life.


Then God called on Arthur,

At the age of eighty-three,

God called him to Heaven,

To live in Eternity.


With that came the countdown years

To the new millennium,

Would God send a message,

Or, to the world, would there be none?


Again God spoke through Arthur,

All the world did see,

On Sydney Harbour Bridge displayed,

The word – Eternity.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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