Do You Remember Christmas ?

Do you remember Christmas?

Christmas as a child?

How you spied on Santa,

Whose departure made you smile.


Do you remember Christmas?

When the wrappers they revealed,

All the things you wanted,

All that you had dreamed.


Well! Christmas now is different,

With friends and loved ones gone,

Christmas now is Jesus,

The Christ Child that was born.


Yes! The gift God gave that Christmas

Comes along each year,

Spreading joy and happiness,

To those who shed a tear.


So, don’t become embroiled with sadness,

If things don’t look the best,

For Jesus he is waiting

To be your Christmas guest.


Then excited you will be,

Knowing it’s worthwhile,

To remember Christmas,

Yes! Christmas as a Child.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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