Never make up stories,

Do not resort to lies,

Your conscience will bother you,

And destroy your way of life.


If you have a problem,

Then go and sort it out,

You will feel much better,

When you find what it’s about.


Never go behind one’s back,

Do not use deceit,

Be honest in your dealings,

Never be a cheat.


Always own up to the truth,

Never cover up,

Then your conscience will be clear,

When you take the Communion Cup.


Never resort to slander,

Never travel Satan’s route,

Always remember,

Your sins will find you out.


For God has taught forgiveness,

He is our spiritual minder,

He wants you to change your life,

To Him! Your life surrender.


Then your conscience will be clear,

Free from all diseases,

Enabling you to praise our Lord,

Through our Saviour, Jesus.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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