Today we remember

When Armistice was signed,

World War One had ended,

And streets of towns were lined.


For it was in a railway carriage,

In the countryside of France,

The great surrender it was signed,

Ensuring that our freedom was enhanced.


That was ninety-seven years ago,

But still we all remember

The blood our ANZACS shed,

Before that signing in November.


Oh! How the world has changed since then,

Borders are no more,

Releasing hordes of people

Along with clouds of War.


So let us stand a moment,

Let us become as one,

And remember our ANZACS,

Through the freedom that they won.


Let us remember that railway carriage,

Let us remember this,

Our Anzacs died for freedom,

And the signing of the Armistice.


Lest we forget.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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