The Amazing Blood Of Christ

Are we worth the blood of Christ,

Do we measure up,

Do we claim to live it right,

When we are out of touch.


Well let us take a look at life,

Is what you see all right,

Can you accept in honesty,

The amazing blood of Christ.


Do you fall short of glory,

In everything you do,

Or do you overlook the things,

That are wrong with you.


Well Christ, he died at Calvary,

For the likes of you and me,

He died so we all could live,

There in eternity.


For with the world in disarray,

God knew the time had come,

To bring a change to all mankind,

Through Jesus Christ the Son.


And when his blood fell to the ground,

From wounds he had received,

It was a sign to all the world,

We sinners had been freed.


So have you accepted Jesus,

Do you follow him,

Or do you turn a blind eye,

And still commit to sin.


Well whatever path you follow,

Our Saviour’s still the same,

He is out there waiting,

For another soul to claim.


He wants all to drink together,

From the communion cup of life,

The symbol of our Saviour,

The amazing blood of Christ.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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