Advent comes in many forms,

Whether it be Fire, Snow or Rain,

But the greatest advent of them all,

Was when our Saviour came.


We know our lives were changed,

With the advent of Christ,

Our sins were forgiven,

With the gift of Eternal Life.


The advent like an ocean wave,

Across the Western world is sweeping,

Bringing Hope, Love, Joy and Peace,

To those who are seeking.


It also has its candles,

Representing the advent mass,

Enlightening those who celebrate,

The advent at Christmas.


It also has its readings,

In Testaments old and new,

Isaiah, Psalms, Titus and Luke,

And of course, the writings of Matthew.


So, thank you God for the Hope and Peace,

You sent from Heaven above,

Also the Birth that brought great joy,

A special gift of Love.


So let us gather as a Church,

And enjoy the gift that Heaven sent,

The gift of our Saviour’s birth,

Known as the ‘Great Advent’.


by Ivan Wall
Reprinted by permission.

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